Garage Door Service

Our company services all garage door brands in Ontario. We offer timely residential service in North York ON and are equipped to carry out any job. Want to change the old rollers? Need emergency opener repair? Whether you hit the door with the car or can’t open it, one of our technicians from North York Garage Door Repair will be there to help you out.Garage Door Service North York

All services are essential because each and every one of them is meant to take care of a problem or prevent issues from ever happening. We can fix the misaligned track, replace the broken torsion spring, adjust the chain, maintain the reverse system and take care of the whole mechanism. For your North York garage door service needs, call our number.

Services offered by our garage door company

* Broken springs? When parts become the reason for the door to remain still or collapse, we help in timely fashion and carry the necessary equipment and garage door repair components in order to make the replacements and adjustments. Rely on us to replace the broken spring or cable, balance the door or put it back on tracks, fix the cable and take care of any issue with the reverse mechanism.

* Want garage door maintenance? This is one of the most important services simply because it can prevent trouble and accidents. We check every part of the door and opener, fix problems, and make the required adjustments which will enable the door to close, open and move properly. From lubrication to sensors alignment, the door is properly taken care of.

* Is there need to replace old parts? Rollers, hinges, tracks and any other part of the door might get dented, rusty and worn over the years. If the problem is not urgent but there is still need to replace them, get in touch with our garage door service company.

From scheduled to emergency replacements, and from same day opener repairs to casual garage door service in North York, we have you covered every single time. Contact us via phone or email when you need our assistance.